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Derby Hippodrome campaigner says council sale of

A CAMPAIGNER battling to restore Derby crumbling Hippodrome says that calls for the city council to sell its art to raise cash would sense if it was invested in long term arts projects.

It Testosterone Sustanon 300 was revealed that the sale of artworks, including an LS Lowry painting worth about 1 million, could be possible despite the 100,000 piece collection being leased to Derby Museums Trust until 2018.

Councillor Martin Repton, Derby City Council cabinet member for leisure and culture, says any art sale would be a fix to long term funding problem created by savage Government cuts

Derby Hippodrome Restoration Trust director, Peter Steer, said: the money was invested into things such as the Silk Mill, Pickford House Museum, or the Hippodrome, then you could see a better argument. The trust needs to be able to show it could take up ownership of the derelict former Hippodrome theatre before it is able to make a multi million pound bid to the Heritage Lottery Fund for the refurbishment work.

Mr Steer said: the presumption that we had ownership of the Hippodrome, and for argument sake, if Winstrol Pills Before And After Pics we were to have 100,000 come our way, it would enable us to commission, for example, an architect to help us develop our bid to Heritage Lottery Fund. He said the trust would also be happy if the city council wanted to invest any such cash into the building itself, if its scheme was a similar one.

There is precedent for such a sale in order to plug a funding gap.

In 2006, Bury Council sold a Lowry, called A River Bank, to raise 1.4 million to help cope with a deficit.

Part of that cash was also used to complete a trouble hit new library.

And, more recently, Croydon Council sold off 24 pieces of its Chinese ceramics collection, raising 9 million for the refurbishment of a theatre and concert venue.

Derby Museums Trust said it did not want to comment on Mr Steer Silk Mill point.

Mr Repton said the loss of Arts Council accreditation, of investment of millions of pounds to the city, of reputation, and the fact that you don sort out the long term problem, are all powerful arguments against the sale of art.

Croydon lost its Arts Council accreditation for three years after its ceramics sale.

Mr Repton said the cash that could be raised through art sales would potentially be worth far less to the city than the funding made possible through the accreditation.

Kerplunk, it is strange that someone mentions a car park! Having read some of Buy Viagra At Boots the news articles on the Hippodrome and reading that the car park plan was Mr. Anthony's rejected planning application, why would anyone even suggest a car park? unless they support the aims of the owner? And it is also interesting that the main opponent Buy T3 Canada of the theatre idea is the owner, so anything said against the idea is supportive of the owner's wishes and views, regardless of any intention to be supportive, they are "like minded" views. Anyway, aside the Hippodrome, which I believe is an inappropriate way of spending the proceeds from the sale of any of the city's art collection, which I remain totally opposed to; if any such sale were forced on us, the proceeds should go to the museum Trust. Having said that, I firmly believe that some the collection should be leased Buy Viagra Over The Counter to other galleries if there is nowhere to display it in the city. The proceeds from the leasing can then be used by the Museums Trust to finance new exhibitions and buildings maintenance, this would be the city's collections working for themselves.

"this appears to be a bone of contention between its supporters and its owner's supporters"

Just because some people disagree that th theatre can be economically restored / a viable going concern does not mean they support Mr Anthony

There is a big difference there, this isn't about 'sides' it's not some school playground Cheap Viagra squabble

Personally I would love to see it rebuilt and successful, but I do not appreciate it when people on this forum twist and manipulate words to their own benefit, something you appear to be as good at as another commentator (Derby_Born) who had very similar views to your own

Just an observation

As I have said before, I am totally opposed to the sale of our art treasures, especially for short term gains. Having said that, I can see where Mr. Steer is coming from on this one. I do not believe he is suggesting that the art work should be sold off, he is suggesting, that should such a sale ever be agreed, Buy Kamagra Online the proceeds should be used as capital investment to preserve and protect our heritage buildings. The Silk Mill is an obvious choice as funding is always a problem where National Lottery money has to be matched. Pickfords House is in reasonably good condition, but the sale of any artefacts from the house must be reinvested.

As to the Hippodrome, this appears to be a bone of contention between its supporters and its owner's supporters. The building was unlawfully damaged by its London based developer/owner and a planning application by him to turn it unto a car park was rejected by the planning committee following revelations that the plans went against just about every rule and guideline published in the listed buildings regulations. It is odd that joeysgrandad should have actually suggested a car park, Mr. Anthony still has his friends in Derby then! The whole case makes very interesting reading. I agree that the owner should be forced to rebuild the theatre, which two professional reports costing goodness knows how much, have confirmed that it would be a viable concern as a 1000 seat theatre, despite what Mr. Anthony's supporters might be saying to the Buy Viagra Uk contrary.

no matter what the outcome, I would rather our art works should be put on display and where possible, earning us some revenue that could be re invested in the museum services.

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